Selfcare for the year ahead… & finding inner strength!


We are already into the fourth week of January…. how did that happen so quickly!!  Whilst many find January a long dark month – I embrace this opportunity to adopt a slower peace of life, enjoying the peace, calm effect it brings… a time for simple pleasures.

Yes my first first week was a busy one, getting back to work and catching up with friends and family but I I’ve also made time to enjoy the simple things and taking things slow… no strict restrictions!

As with a New Year we all begin with great intentions and enthusiasm and all to often we can’t follow what we intended to do – setting unrealistic goals, therefore putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves.  This is the reason why I never make New Year resolutions but instead make a mental note or write a letter to myself to be kind and take care of my mind, body, and overall wellbeing.  Yes, I  like to set myself challenges  to achieve personally and for my business – for the year ahead, but attainable ones!!

Some of favourite Crystals… helping to calm and rebalance the emotions

Therefore, enriching my life rather than taking something away or punishing myself.  As I’ve got older I’ve learnt to listen to my body when in need and to stop and take things slow.  I guess this means time out to re-think and gather my thoughts and find some calmness… I am a wellbeing therapist after all!!

Reflecting back on the past year, no doubt it has been very challenging but exciting – both on a personal and business level.  A lot of my time and effort has been focusing on my therapy business and becoming a wellbeing advisor for Weleda.  I must say I have surprised myself of the strength I have within… achieving things I never thought I was capable of – however big or small.  It’s amazing what you can do when your totally pushed out of your comfort zone!


Often life throws challenging obstacles and this can block the flow of creativity or putting too much pressure on ourselves to perform rather than pursuing what we truly love and inspires us.  Therefore I’ve spent less time working on my blog over the past few months – which I’ve really missed but we can only spread ourselves so thin until our wellbeing suffers…

So I’m really excited to be back and spend a lot more time in this little space of mine and looking forward to the year ahead!  I plan to explore other current interesting and informative topics; taking more time to tap into my creative side; sharing my real passion of food, interiors, all things floral/botanical and styling; and of course my true love of wellbeing and clean beauty – all along the way!

Taking time to pursue my creative side is what truly inspires me… enhancing my work life balance

On a lasting note may the year ahead be whatever you decide to pursue… so long as it makes you smile!

I would love to hear your thoughts – when things get difficult how do you find your calm space and what works best for you?  If you would like me to cover particular subjects within my blog, then I welcome all constructive feedback.   Look forward to any ideas!

Mairead x

6 thoughts on “Selfcare for the year ahead… & finding inner strength!

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    This is post from my Lifestyle blog – which I plan to share more of on this space! Have a read and I would love to hear your thoughts as this is a area, along with essential oils and clean beauty – I will be exploring more on my blog – My Yellow Jumper!

    Mairead x

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