About Me


Hi I am Mairead and welcome to My Yellow Jumper, a place filled with an eclectic mix of all the things I adore and which bring me inspiration.

I am not a stylist, designer nor a journalist, but someone who has a passion for colour, pattern and texture, in everything from fashion, design and interiors, cookery and craft, to flowers and fragrance. I am also a serious chocolate and tea enthusiast and stationery geek!

I hope my blog gives you lots of enjoyment, and I  inspire you to inject some colour into your life. Have fun exploring my blog, as much as I enjoy writing it.

Mairead x

Some random bits about me

  • I have been a vegetarian since my early teens and try like to adopt a realistic healthy, balanced lifestyle.
  • I top up with my daily medicine of Yoga and Pilates.
  • I am a cheese lover and have a weakness for patisserie, so enjoy baking at the weekend.  (A girl has to have some fun!)
  • I am very inquisitive and love learning new things.
  • I am a keen list maker, hence my need for stationery!
  • I have lived in Belfast for 25 years but was born in Co-Tyrone.
  • I had the most amazing and inspiring childhood growing up in the countryside.
  • I love to visit cities, Paris being one of my favourites, especially for shopping!  I have many on the ‘go-to list’.
  • I have been a qualified Holistic Therapist/ Aromatherapist for 22 years and am passionate about wellbeing and fragrance.  Check out my business website:   Harmonizing Therapies
  • I am also a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor – 100% natural products.
  • I am a candle and beauty product junkie, but they must be chemical free and preferably organic.