Spring time… colour crush and floral love


‘A little floral eye candy’

Spring has definitely sprung and that means our gardens have suddenly become alive with a burst of colour.  I have a thing for colour and flowers and you guessed it…. I’m on a slight floral frenzy!!   I am fascinated by flowers… the varieties, colours, structure and how they have the ability to affect your mood, adding a ray of sunshine to any room!  After all, who doesn’t love receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers, and by no means do they have to be expensive.  I also get just as much pleasure from picking a few simple stems from my garden, which I have watched grow.


Flowers remind me of my Mum, she loves her garden and come late spring she will be tidying and planting for lots of summer colour.  My late grandmother also loved her garden and vegetable patch and these fragrant wallflowers always bring me such fond memories of her beautiful garden.


When it comes to, how or what we display cut flowers, the list is endless and by no means does it have to be the conventional style vase.  I like to think outside the box, perhaps using various types and sizes of;  jugs, mugs, bottles, decorated jam jars, used candle containers or any unusual vessel and so on… I think more ideas on this in another post!


So I think its time to get to work, on tidying my back garden and make plans to re-organise each and every flowerbed…  If only it were that easy!  If you are a flower lover…  do you have a favourite spring bloom?  Don’t you think flowers have such a magical way of making you feel uplifted and happy!  The more the merrier!  If you have any thoughts or feedback I would love to hear from you!

Mairead x



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