Fashion – what style means to me


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Hi everyone, this was the first blog post I had written away back in February last year but has been sitting ever since, unpublished.  So now that I have been blogging for a while I feel able to express my views on fashion.  From a young age I have always been fascinated by fashion, from trying on clothes to looking at fashion magazines.  Any money I saved from summer work I used to buy nice clothes and Vogue magazines.

Via Glaminspire

For me style is not always about dressing up, you can be wearing something very casual but still look stylish.  It is about wearing what feels comfortable to you and what suits your body shape, not what’s currently ‘on trend’, it may not even look good and you just become a fashion victim.  If you feel good then you exube confidence!

Via Glaminspire

Each of us have our own individual style and that is what makes us unique and interesting.  I feel it’s good not to take ourselves too seriously when it comes to fashion and dress with a bit of whit, I guess the unexpected!

Via Glaminspire

I tend to love structured clothes, plain and understated but with a shot of colour and a creative edge to inject some fun and add interest.  We all tend to have certain colours we are drawn to and choose similar whether it be fashion or interiors.  My colours are blues and I especially love cobalt blue and mustard tones.  I tend to favour an Autumn/Winter wardrobe, which is much more suitable to our cooler climate, preferring earthy and deeper tones.

Oliver Bonas & via Glaminspire

I believe fashion should be about expressing your individuality, rather than always following trends and becoming carbon copies of each other.  There are no rules, so embrace, experiment, be confident and happy in your fashion choices!  Are you a fashion lover? Do you follow the latest trends or just have your own personal style?

Mairead x





6 thoughts on “Fashion – what style means to me

  1. Looking chic, hun! Love your post and blog, too. So well written and edited! You are a great blogger!!

    For me, I like fashion that is stylish, classic and flattering. Something that will stay in style for at least 4 plus seasons and that I can get a lot of use out of, like a great LBD by Roland Mouret or a classic jumbo double flap Chanel bag in caviar leather! Those never get old.

    If you want to see some fabulous outfit pairings and fashion show reviews, you should click this link to my blog, view and come and follow me:

    It is totally chic and very classic! In the best possible way!!

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