Embracing hygge…finding happiness in the little things in life.


Hello everyone, things have been a little quiet on the blog front.   I just needed to give myself some space to think,  re-focus and practice what I’m writing about – ’embracing hygge’!  It’s become much of an autumn buzz-word, with a flurry of books flowing around explaining this Danish approach to living the good life!  If only it were that easy!  You will no doubt have seen it, even if you can’t say it!

Hygge… pronounced as ‘Hoo-gah’ is a concept the danish have perfected and has become increasingly recognisable around the globe, even though it has been around for many years.  Its approach embodies finding happiness in the simple things in life… think cosiness, comfort, emotional happiness.  Its about atmosphere rather than things in our lives. So embracing these experiences and making them an integral part of our daily routine.  For me nothing feels more inviting than my favourite  cup of tea, (smokey Lapsang Souchong this time of year), sitting by a roaring log fire and the scent of my favourite candle, wafting in the background! My  idea of “embracing hygge’.  Oh I almost forgot chocolate…  on the dark side!


So as the first signs of winter appear, there is no better time to embrace hygge…  with shorter days, cool crisp air, trees bearing the last of their leaves, we are all encouraged to spend more time indoors.  For me this isn’t a problem.  I’m a January baby and a creature which craves that cosy cocooned feeling and I tend to measure my happiness on my emotional wellbeing rather than material wealth.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy looking and purchasing aesthetically pleasing things!  However, I get just as much pleasure from small and everyday things which make me smile.  So here are a few of the simple things I reach for when in need of some ‘hygge time’!  #Wintertime


Chunky knitted socks. Oh, stolen from my husband! Shhh! He doesn’t know! Nothing says ‘cosy’, more than my favourite knitted blanket, always a must in the winter, to just curl up under and envelop myself in its warmth. Bliss!


Tea… I love the stuff and with the change in seasons, I enjoy a warming or smokey variety, preferably loose tea as I enjoy the actual ritual and aroma of tea making.  Of course not forgetting an oaty biscuit – essential!


Food… I find the art of baking and cooking something delicious, conjures up that hygge feeling!  Comfort food is probably the top of most peoples list and you can’t beat a nourishing and warming bowl of soup… ‘a hug in a bowl’!


Candles… Its that time of year, the fragrance and soft glow from  your favourite candles and nothing is more essential to hygge than lighting, in creating a cosy atmosphere!   I am obsessed with fragrance, so in this instance more is more!!

What are your favourite simple things which give you the ‘hygge feeling’?  Its these simple little pleasures which bring us the most happiness in life, don’t you think!  So do what the Danes do best, be kind to yourself, take time to slow down, finding happiness in the small humble things, not just saved for weekends but best shared with loved ones. Enjoy and get hyggeing!

Mairead x

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