Amazing spaces… the Cornish steam bent wooden house

Grand Designs Magazine

Hi everyone, for those of you which missed a recent episode of Grand Designs featuring the Cornish steam bent wooden house… Wow!!  I think this has to be one of my favourite Grand Designs for a while!  What an amazingly beautiful and stylish home, crafted by husband and wife team, Tom and Danielle Raffield.  Two extremely talented designers, with a passion or should I say obsession with all things wood… steam bending to be precise.  They create beautiful contemporary furniture and lighting using the process of steam bending.  All pieces are inspired by the forms of nature, offering unique and timeless pieces to cherish in your home forever!

Tom Raffield

The two buildings just set perfectly together, blending the old and new seemingly!  Their attention to detail in all aspects of their home both outside and indoors.  From lighting to furniture, to those stairs… this is my kind of space!


I adore the pale wood on the walls and use of muted colours, with minimal dressing , this brings a sense of calmness to the bedroom.  No doubt a beautiful space to sleep in! Their amazing lighting creates a focal point and adds a bit of fun!

Grand Designs Magazine

This is the older part of the house, a former gamekeepers cottage.  It makes a perfect cosy retreat, especially during the colder months.  I love the combination of old and new and those armchairs designed by Tom bring a unique and modern edge to the living area.

Grand Designs Magazine

I loved the use of natural materials, with the introduction of concrete and minimal use of colour, with a very luxe Scandinavian style.  Blending old and new and having different styles in the home, creates more interest and gives you the option to live in a lighter part of the home or to just relax in the homely living area. I must say it looked like a very calming and easy home to live in.  I can only but dream!

So make sure and catchup on this cornish woodland dream and you no doubt will be left inspired!

Mairead x



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