Colour palette -think yellow tones


Hello readers, my inspiration for this post came about as I am fascinated by the wide range of tones and shades within the colour spectrum and the uplifting or calming effect it has upon us.
So in keeping with my blog (not wanting to sound cliché) I thought it  was about time I explored  the sunny world of ‘yellow’ on the colour palette.

Within the world of interiors yellow is the go to summer colour, but best used in small doses to liven up a a neutral interior, as it can really make or break an overall scheme. When I think of the colour yellow, I visualise  a ray of sunshine, adding some contrast and  a burst of happiness within the home!

“Love it or loathe it, yellow offers a splash of colour, especially within a monotone interior scheme, making it feel bright and cheery, so it doesn’t become too dull or boring.”

I must say I do like a pop of colour and yellow can work well within a kitchen, dinning area or work spaces, injecting some brightness into our homes and creating a bit for fun.  I think yellow hues are best introduced within accessories; such as cushions, light fittings, kitchenalia, or small pieces of furniture like a chair or side table.

How about bringing a new lease of life into something old or new, by spray painting.  It is quick and easy to do and gives an even finish, provided time and care is taken!  This small but perfectly formed filing cabinet would otherwise, have been put in the skip if I hadn’t claimed ownership, with a project in mind.  It not only brings a smile to my face, but is functional, cheap and gives me lots of enjoy storing all my bits and bobs!
As for the stool this is from Ikea, sprayed in two colours… yellow been one of them and then assembled. Simple!  The painting options are endless for this little stool or side table, whatever its use!

Via Design Lovers

If you prefer a more softer look, then a combination of pastel pink tones with this ever so feminine yellow sofa will be right up your street.  If you are lucky enough to have a walk in wardrobe or dressing room, then this would be a perfect opportunity to have a play around with these feminine colours!

How about this amazing typography cup, come storage jar from Design Letters, as designed by the brilliant Danish Architect Arne Jacobsen.  They are simple, multifunctional and come in lots of other eye catching colours.  Perfect to add a burst of colour in the kitchen, bathroom , office space…  or wherever you fancy! Once you start collecting you will want the entire alphabet!IMG_0033  Design letters via Skandivis

Like all bright colours they work amazingly against a backdrop of various shades of grey, making colours just pop, and as for yellow there is no exception.  There is no doubt colour can really transform the entire mood of a room, making it feel more welcoming and injecting some soul into a space.

IMG_0035Via Design Lovers

I love how these two matching  yellow accent chairs, just transform what would be a more monotone and minimal living space into a fun and inviting room.

IMG_0036Via Design Lovers

What is not to like or love about this kitchen/dinning area. It is full of natural materials, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and the collection of amazing old and new chairs…  not forgetting that perfectly formed, one yellow chair.  The room has a utilitarian feel, but with a modern twist and bags of personality.  My kind of thing! Rough luxe!

Red Online

This is a excellent example of how yellow works perfectly alongside the dark, moody feel of  of this amazing kitchen.  I love how everything is painted all the one colour of grey and with the much needed injection of yellow, this totally transforms the area into a fun space to cook and hang out!  Though it may take some bravery to pull this one off!!

Are you a colour lover and how about yellow…  If so I  would love to see how you incorporate the various shades of yellow into your home, from softer hues through to  those deeper mustard tones.  So enjoy experimenting and have fun with incorporating various shades of yellow  into your home, both inside and outdoors.  Just don’t overdo it!!

Mairead x


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