My perfect trio -chocolate | tea | magazines


Hello all, Its been a while but I guess sometimes we all need a little time out once in a while…
Anyway I’m back with some of my favourites, chocolate, tea and magazines, my perfect trio when in need of some quiet headspace to just to enjoy life’s little luxuries and restore my wellbeing!!

We all no doubt have our favourite things we reach for from time to time when we just need to indulge.  I find it’s the small things in life like these which brings me most joy and happiness.


My ideal scenario is sampling my way through various chocolate flavours and profiles, sipping some refreshing peppermint or fragrant Wulong fleur d’oranger tea and leisurely reading and catching up on my favourite magazines and journals.  Sounds idyllic!  I say this is as good as it gets!  I must confess, my chocolate sampling is a daily occurrence, but life without good chocolate would be so boring!  As for my magazine habit, I just can’t resist. I think a new dedicated storage space is soon required.


What type of things do you indulge in when in need of some ‘me time’.  I find we all need some quiet time to enjoy our own company, taking time away from all distractions and to just transport ourselves to another world!  The perfect antidote to rejuvenate a busy mind, feed the soul and make space for any new and exciting projects on the horizon!

I no doubt will be re-visiting  my favourite trio in more detail  in some later posts to come! In the meantime enjoy some of your favourite things!

Mairead x


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