Interior focus – the botanic shelf


Hi everyone,  I came across this amazingly beautiful storage shelf system, ‘the botanic self’, designed by friends Riikka and Pinja created out of a need to display there love of plants.


I adore good design which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also has a functionality, otherwise what is the reason in investing in such a piece if it has no such purpose, but to look good!

The shelf system offers a combination of warm oak and brass, creating a modern feel, but timeless design, with a little added luxury.


It’s multifunctional design enables it to be customised to suit your individual interior needs.  It can be used as a traditional book shelf to display all your cherished objects, not forgetting your favourite plant species or used as room divider.  Perfect to zone off an open plan space with lots of greenery.  What more can you ask for, bringing the outdoors in!


So if you love plants but struggle how to display them, then this is a functional solution, luxury it may be!  If you are a plant lover how do you display your collection, the list is endless I guess!

Mairead x


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