Seeking some inspiration – with books


Sometimes we just need some quiet time away from everything to recharge, giving ourselves permission to not feeling guilty for doing very little, but relaxing.  I find when in search of inspiration I need to take a little time away from all distractions, as often I have too many ideas all fighting for a space in my head and I just need time to process everything.  Inspiration is something we can’t demand or force upon ourselves, it can come to us when we least expect it and not always when we are seeking it!

I’m catching up on some beautiful reading, from style to interiors and looking for  some amazing flower inspiration.  I must say these books, along with many others have been on the ‘to read’ list since sometime last year.  I have only managed to read half way through them, or should I say ‘look’ in many cases!  So I’m looking forward to taking some quiet time to absorb myself in one of my many favourite things, books!

So when in need of some time out,  pick up your favourite book and transport yourself to another world, of relaxation or inspiration, whatever it may be and enjoy!

Mairead x


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