Colour palette – think blush pink

imageA Swedish home via The Design Chaser

With a new season comes a focus on colour trends. Spring is the season when we begin to plan home improvements. For 2016 Pantone has named Rose Quartz as one of their colours of the year. Think soft blush pink hues, perfect against grey and monochrome shades to soften the look. I find these chalky pink tones work well in a bedroom, making it feel calm and restful, just what we need at the end of the day!

imageMexsii Muse  Photograpy by Eve Wilson Via The Design Chaser

You can inject accents of these blush pink hues in small areas such as accessories; throws, cushions, adding various textures and layers or even used in a larger form like wallpaper and curtains for a greater impact, the options are endless.

imageMy Interior

These hues can also work well in a hallway or living area, all depending on whether pale tones will work in your space. How about this amazing blush pink hallway door, it works brilliantly with the monochrome tiles. Very classic and chic!



imageSmart Design

imageMy Interior

My hallway is in much need of decorating (along with many rooms) so I will be seeking some inspiration, and adding various forms of blush pink, from cushions, lighting to wallpaper and paint, and teaming it with blue grey and black tones, to add some contrast. A girl can only but dream…

imageWeekday Carnival

I will most definitely be featuring this beautiful marble effect wallpaper  into my scheme. I like things to look a bit mixed up with nothing too matching or staged, with a creative edge, bringing some fun and personality! My perfect home!

imageFerm Living

What if any interior decorating are you planning this year and where do you get your inspiration from, magazines, blogs, cafes, while on holidays. I find it is amazing where you can get inspiration, often the unexpected while your not looking and this is the most exciting! Finding something your can make your own and putting  a twist on it, that’s my favourite!

As I am obsessed with interiors and love to nosy into others, I would love to see how you have decorated a room or upgraded your home. So point me in your direction.

Mairead x


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